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Pick up on Munich Airport

For sure I offer not only to take care of yourself I also can pick up and go for your guests, friends or partners. Payed by you or themself.

If I do'nt know the people to pick up on airport (or do not remember) I will stay with a table showing your companies logo or the name you gave me. For short time orders I take a table with me showing my companies name (Wuermtaler Taxi- & Shuttle-Service).

As there is everytime a risk by traffic and weather it may happen that I can not reach in time. By this I will try to get in contact with you. If this is not possible there will be an other trustful driver may be with an handmade table for the pick up

The meeting point isinside of the terminal At Terminal 1 you pass the customs controll and the sliding glass doors to the public area. In Front of you are again sliding doors for exit. I will stay close to this doors left or right side.

At terminal 2 you also pass sliding glass doors to public area and hard to the right side you will find "Sturbucks"coffee shop. I will stay close to this.